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We understand that every journey is unique, just like you. Our dedicated team of experts is committed to illuminating your path towards a new life, providing personalized solutions for your immigration needs, and ensuring a smooth transition into your new home or business endeavour. Your dream, our mission.
Immigration Visa
You get full step by step support in obtaining your immigration visa and subsequent Residence Certificates. Feel safe with your back covered!
Do you want to start your own business in Bulgaria? We will create it for you and even administer it in your absence.
Legal Support
Have all your legal questions and needs handled professionally. Whether it's immigration, business or else, we leave nothing to chance!
Family Reunion
Reunite with your family members by having them live next to you in Bulgaria. We will prepare every detail and make it happen.
Bank Account
Opening your bank account is now quick and easy. No more running around, no more rejections, we just make it happen. Guaranteed!
Medical Insurance and Services
Full support in transferring your medical insurance and/or obtaining a new policy. Do you have a specific medical condition? We will connect you with the right clinic.
Finding Your Home
Looking to rent or buy a property? You need to know rules and regulations, local mentality and trusted real estate partners. We have it all!
Retiring in Bulgaria
With affordable properties, natural food, stunning rural views and friendly locals, your money is worth much more in Bulgaria. Ask around! We are here for you with all the details.

Bulgaria's Comprehensive
Immigration Hub

You are a foreign citizen (EU or non-EU) ready to explore the rich history, vibrant culture, and picturesque landscapes of Bulgaria? Look no further! Our one-stop shop is your gateway to a seamless transition into our captivating country.

Here's what awaits you (EU CITIZENS):

1. Personalized Guidance:
- Our friendly team of experts understands the unique needs of foreign citizens. Whether you're relocating for work, study, or simply seeking adventure, we've got you covered.
- We'll guide you through the maze of paperwork with clarity and efficiency.

2. Legal Clarity:
- Navigating immigration laws can be daunting. Fear not! Our knowledgeable advisors will demystify the legal landscape, ensuring you're well-informed about your rights and obligations.
- Need assistance with documentation? We've got that covered too.

3. Smooth Documentation Process:
- Obtain your "Long-term Residence Certificate" (valid for 5 years) or the coveted "Permanent Residence Certificate" (valid for 10 years). These documents are your golden ticket to life in Bulgaria.
- Picture this: You, sipping coffee in Sofia, knowing your paperwork is sorted.

4. Cultural Mediators:
- Language barriers? Not here! Our cultural mediators bridge the gap, speaking multiple languages and making you feel at home.
- Whether it's finding the best local eats or understanding local customs, they've got insider tips.

5. Employment Support:
- Looking to work in Bulgaria? We'll connect you with job opportunities, help you understand labor laws, and ensure a smooth transition into the workforce.
- Imagine contributing your skills while surrounded by the stunning Balkan mountains.

6. Community Integration:
- Bulgaria isn't just a place; it's a community. Attend cultural events, meet fellow expats, and immerse yourself in the local way of life.
- Our hub fosters connections, making sure you feel like more than just a newcomer.

So, fellow EU citizen, pack your bags, bring your curiosity, and let's make Bulgaria your new home. 🌟

All Immigration and Post-Immigration
Details Covered

In addition to the above (for NON-EU CITIZENS)

As a non-EU citizen, we’ve got your back! Our one-stop shop caters specifically to your needs. Unlike EU and EEA citizens, non-EU citizens require a visa or residency to reside in Bulgaria. Here’s how it works:

7. Types of Residence Permits:
- Temporary Residence Visa: Ideal for those planning a short stay.
- Work Visa: If you’re seeking employment opportunities in Bulgaria.
- Investor Visa: For those investing in the country’s growth.
- EU Blue Card: Available for highly skilled professionals.
- Student Visas: Pursue your studies while immersing yourself in Bulgarian culture.

8. Long-Term D Visa:
- Before applying for Bulgarian residency, non-EU citizens must obtain a long-term D visa.
- Over 20 grounds allow non-EU citizens to qualify for this visa, including business, freelancing, pension, and family reunification.

9. Setting Up a Trade Representative Office (TRO):
- One popular route to Bulgarian residency involves registering a Trade Representative Office of a foreign company in
- Example: If you have a Hong Kong limited company, establish a TRO in Bulgaria to obtain a D visa and residency.
- Requirements include business extracts, financial statements, and legalizations from the country of incorporation.
- The foreign company must have been incorporated for at least two years and maintain a positive balance.

10. Community Integration:
- Bulgaria isn’t just a place; it’s a community. Attend cultural events, meet fellow expats, and create lasting connections.
- Let’s make Bulgaria feel like home, one step at a time.

So, non-EU adventurer, pack your curiosity, embrace the Balkan spirit, and let Bulgaria weave its magic around you. 🌟
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Efficiency: We value your time. No running around different offices; everything you need is right here.
Warm Welcome: Bulgaria opens its arms wide. Let us be your first step toward a fulfilling adventure.
Peace of Mind: With us, you're not alone. We're your partners in this exciting chapter.